Women's Networking of Gwinnett
meets every other Wednesday at
from 11:30 am - 1:00 pm. Check our calendar for our next meeting
date and location.

Contact info@womensnetworkingofgwinnett.com or
call 404-428-9862 for reservations

Joining WNOG

Visitors are welcome to join us for one meeting at no charge. If then they are interested in joining the group, their application will be considered by WNOG leadership to insure that it meets the exclusivity requirement listed below. Each WNOG member must abide by the requirements below in order to remain in good standing.
  1. Exclusivity / No Competition

    Only one person per category/profession may become a member. Membership in groups such as the Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce is permitted. Promotion of any other businesses or entities you are affiliated with is not permitted during regular meetings. After their first visit, guests may visit meetings for a fee of $10.00 (plus the cost of lunch) per meeting without joining. Membership privileges for those members in good standing include group referrals/leads and a company listing on this website.

  2. Frequency of Meetings

    Meetings are held bi-weekly at Johnny Carios in Duluth and is subject to change upon a majority vote by the members at any time. If, for any reason, the new time and/or day is not compatible for a current member whose dues have been paid in advance, they can be refunded their fees on a pro-rated basis. Meetings will not be held during the week of any major holiday.

  3. Absences

    Members are allowed up to a maximum of 6 absences per year, which begins the month you join. Upon your 4th absence, you will be notified of your approaching the limit. Upon your 6th absence, your membership shall be terminated and your category/profession will be considered open to new members.

  4. Sabbaticals & Maternity Leave

    Up to six (6) additional absences will be allowed for any emergency situation(s) that arise which directly affect a member’s business and also for maternity leaves. The Managing Director shall review each request on a case by case basis to determine eligibility and approve any additional absences.

  5. Membership Dues

    Membership Dues are currently $50.00 per year (a savings of $10.00 per year) or $30.00 for six months, whichever is preferable. This is payable by check or cash. Dues are payable at the first meeting after your renewal date. Payment can be made in person at meetings or by mail. A late fee of $5.00 shall be assessed weekly, but shall not exceed a total of $20.00. Forfeiture of membership occurs if dues are not paid within 4 weeks of your renewal date.
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